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Turkey Telephones - Find Phone Numbers in Turkey. Where to search for the Area Codes in Turkey - Codes for the Countries and Cities of Turkey. Mobile Phones Directory with yellow pages and white pages to find Phone Services, music and programs. Guide with free information to dial international calls.
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  • Turkey Phone Numbers - Find telephone numbers and Mobile Codes for people in Turkey - How can I find people in Turkey? Where to search phone numbers in Turkey? Free Search with a list of City Dial Codes in Turkey. Directory with yellow pages and white pages . Guides with free information for international calls and mobile phones. Telephone numbers in Turkey Turkey went from six (2+4) to seven digits (3+4) local phone numbers c.1988, at which time Ankara went from 41 to 4.There used to be more than 5000 local area codes of varying lengths (one to five digits) with correspondingly varying local number lengths (seven to three digits). The new system is based on 83 three-digit area codes for provinces and seven digit local phone numbers. Istanbul is the exception and it gets two area codes ((212) for the European and (216) for the Asian side). Country Code: 90 0 is the long distance dialing prefix while the international dialing prefix is 00. Calling a cell phone from out side of Turkey is the same except the three digit numbers are replaced with the ones of the companies. Like [9] + [0] + [cell company id number] + [seven digit number]. The following are the company identification numbers for the major mobile telephone providers: Avea 555, Vodafone 542 and Turkcell 532. Local numbers in most areas were also changed in conjunction with the numbering plan that took effect 1 August 1993. If a former area code is indicated, this is for the major centre in the new area code's district. The new area codes will also replace former area codes other than the primary one mentioned. Contents
  • 1 General information
  • 2 Area codes in Turkey
  • 3 List of area codes in Turkey o 3.1 List of special codes
  • 4 References [+] General information The country calling code of Turkey is 90.
  • o Language digit: 0 (Direct Dialing) o Language digit: 2 (Operator Assistance)
  • National (significant) number: 10 Digits.
  • o Area code: 3 digits o Local subscriber’s number: 7 digits.
  • Dialing procedure:
  • o A call from another country would have the following dialing format: International call prefix + 90 + Area code + Subscriber’s number (00) or + 90 (3 Digit) (7 Digit) Example: + 90 312 213 2965 International Code: Country Code: Area Code: Subscriber Number: (+) 90 312 213 2965
  • + Access to automatic telephone service within Turkey: trunk / inner - city code number : 0
  • + Access to international telephone service from Turkey: international code : 00
  • Note: After 3-digit area codes, subscriber numbers cannot be prefaced with the number 1. The number 1 is only to be used for certain special services.
  • International Switched Digital Service: Ankara DMS-300 Istanbul DMS-300 Ä°zmir DMS-300 Ankara, Ä°stanbul and Ä°zmir DMS-300 International Exchanges Accept: L/D + area code + subscriber number + ST L /D = language digit : 0 (direct dialing) L /D = language digit : 2 (operator assistance)
  • Operator Access Code: There are two international operator centers in Turkey, Ankara and Ä°stanbul. Each one of these centers provides operator telephone services according ITU/T dialing: L/D + code11 + ST (Random) L/D + code12 + 312 + ST (Ankara) L/D + code12 + 212 + ST (Ä°stanbul) L/D: language digit 2 English C11: operator assistance C12: international transits ST: stop pulse The operators of the international exchanges in Ankara and Istanbul are available under C11 and C12.
  • Local Time: Winter time: UTC + 2 hours Summer time: UTC + 3 hours [+] Area codes in Turkey The table below is an analysis of the first digit following the country code: Country Code Area Code Status Routed to 90 0 INVALID Not used 90 1 INVALID Not used 90 2 VALID Geographic codes 90 3 VALID Geographic codes 90 4 VALID Geographic codes 90 5 VALID Paging, Mobile, GSM 90 6 INVALID Reserved 90 7 INVALID Reserved 90 8 VALID Toll-Free / Non-Geographic 90 9 VALID Pay-Line (Only national)
    List of area codes in Turkey ALPHABETICAL LIST OF AREA CODES NAME OF PROVINCE AREA CODE NAME OF PROVINCE AREA CODE Adana 322 İzmir 232 Adıyaman 416 Kahramanmaraş 344 Afyon 272 Karabük 370 Ağrı 472 Karaman 338 Aksaray 382 Kars 474 Amasya 358 Kastamonu 366 Ankara 312 Kayseri 352 Antalya 242 Kırıkkale 318 Ardahan 478 Kırklareli 288 Artvin 466 Kırşehir 386 Aydın 256 Kilis 348 Balıkesir 266 Kocaeli (İzmit) 262 Bartın 378 Konya 332 Batman 488 Kütahya 274 Bayburt 458 Malatya 422 Bilecik 228 Manisa 236 Bingöl 426 Mardin 482 Bitlis 434 Muğla 252 Bolu 374 Muş 436 Burdur 248 Nevşehir 384 Bursa 224 Niğde 388 Çanakkale 286 Ordu 452 Çankırı 376 Osmaniye 328 Çorum 364 Rize 464 Denizli 258 Sakarya (Adapazarı) 264 Diyarbakır 412 Samsun 362 Düzce 380 Şanlıurfa 414 Edirne 284 Şırnak 486 Elazığ 424 Siirt 484 Erzincan 446 Sinop 368 Erzurum 442 Sivas 346 Eskisehir 222 Tekirdağ 282 Gaziantep 342 Tokat 356 Giresun 454 Trabzon 462 Gümüşhane 456 TRNC* 392 Hakkari 438 Tunceli 428 Hatay 326 Uşak 276 Iğdır 476 Van 432 Isparta 246 Yalova 226 Istanbul-I (Thrace) 212 Yozgat 354 Istanbul-II (Anatolia) 216 Zonguldak 372 Mersin 324 Non-Geographic Numbers 850 (*) Northern Cyprus [+] List of special codes USED BY CODE GSM/1 Turkcell (GSM 900,1800) 530,531,532,533,534,535,536,537,538,539 GSM/2 Vodafone (GSM 900,1800) 541,542,543,544,545,546,547,549 GSM/3 Avea (GSM 1800) 501,502,503,505,506,507,551,552,553,554,555 GLOBALSTAR 592,594,596 NMT-I 522 Pay-Line 900 Toll-Free 800 Non-Geographic 850 Internet Dial-up Access 822 Paging-I 512

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